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F10 M5

The BMW F10 M5 landed in a blaze of excitement – and consternation – in 2011. As is usually the case when an icon has a shift in philosophy foisted upon it by a change in the way the world works, the internet exploded when it was discovered the latest M5 would have – gasp – a twin turbo V8.

Of course, all that has long since been forgotten because, predictably, we wonder what is next to come. Perhaps an AWD M5 is in the works?

With a big family-sized body and interior as well as a powertrain that’ll blow most cars off the road, what more could you want from a car? The M5’s reason for being is hardly to be a practical family car, but it features all the attributes that allow it to be one.

Owning one would force a rethink – do I really want to live in a city anymore, why not find a home at the end of a piece of road with more bends in it than a NSW politician’s ethical reasoning? Some performance cars are frustrating to drive around the city, but more because they’re a pain. The M5’s potential is the “problem” here. Around town, the performance potential is like a nuclear deterrent – nice to know you’ve got it, but you can’t use it.

With all of this being said, we have managed to give this urban dwelling, Alpine White F10 M5 some substantial street cred. Alongside some carbon goodies, including a Vorsteiner VRS front add-on spoiler, Vorsteiner VRS rear diffuser and aero deck lid spoiler, we have squeezed in a set of 21″ Brixton Forged CM8 Targa Series wheels finished in matte Kingsport Grey and Satin Black. Enjoy!



Style: CM8
Configuration: Targa Series (Deep Concave)
Front: 21×10
Rear: 21×11
Finish Face: Kingsport Grey (matte clear)
Finish Lip: Satin Black
+Lightweight Backpad Pockets
+Floated Spoke Ends