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Audi Sport
Audi R8 V10

Vancouver is truly a unique place for the exotic supercar scene. Around the world, it is one of the only places where seeing an Aventador practically a daily standard. With that being said, supercar owners in Vancouver have to be unique in order to stand out and turn heads. Some do it the right way while others go off the deep end with some… lets say, ‘interesting visual modifications’.

MW Design / WrapWorkz seem to blow our minds time-after-time with each build the put out. This Avery Gloss Dark Grey Audi R8 V10 has been outfitted with a stunning Audi Sport wrap and, of course, the cherry on top… our new 3-piece WR3 Targa Series finished in a full 600 grit polished Carbon Bronze (matte face / gloss lip) with an accenting Carbon Red center cap ring and 50-50 PVD Black RAU Titanium hardware, saving 1lb. per wheel.

Photos by: The Glass Eye



Style: WR3
Configuration: TARGA Series – Deep Concave
20×9 | 20×11
Finish Face: 600 grit polished Carbon Bronze (matte)
Finish Lip: 600 grit polished Carbon Bronze (gloss)
+Lightweight Backpad Pockets
+50/50 RAU Titanium Hardware