Bagged F80 M3
Fashion Grey

Over 30 years ago, BMW introduced the M3. It was—in an overstated sense—the perfect sports sedan. The styling was there, as was the performance. It was a flawless package, shipped from Germany with a shiny red bow on top.

Fast forward to 2018, and the M3 is still arguably the pinnacle of the sports sedan segment. The new 425hp. 3.0L twin-turbo inline 6 engine gives you six-cylinder efficiency paired with V8 performance – and its absolutely brilliant.

With few M3 owners taking their BMW to this level, this particular owner has set quite the benchmark. Aside from the performance goodies under the hood, there has been some major aftermarket styling, from headlights designed by OSSdesigns, to carbon by PSM Dynamic, and KW V3 coilovers; not to mention, a full Fashion Grey wrap.

Adding the icing on the cake, the car has been aggressively fit with 20×10 and 20×12 Brixton Forged CM8 Targa Series 3-piece forged wheels finished in 120 Grit Brushed Smoke Black with polished lips and 50/50 RAU Titanium assembly hardware.

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Style: CM8
Configuration: Targa Series
Front: 20×10
Rear: 20×12
Finish Face: Smoke Black / Polished
50/50 Titanium Hardware (Raw)