997 Turbo

Located in The Bay Area in Northern California, this black 997 Turbo (Porsche 997.2 Turbo) takes a step out of the norm with a unique track inspired look, putting the focus on the center lock, deep concave wheel setup.

Additionally, this 997 Turbo features internal and external MACarbon and Agency Power carbon pieces, Werks carbon fiber Y pipe, IPD plenum, IPE valvetronic exhaust, IPE headers, Champion diverted valves, Cobb PRO tune (by FFtec), Bilstein Damptronic suspension, RSS rear links, RSS front toe \ bump steer kit, RSS toe steer kit, TPC DSC suspension control module.

With a vision of simplicity, this black 997 Turbo is sporting 20″ Brixton Forged CM16 Targa Series forged wheels finished with a 120 grit brushed Smoke Black III face and 600 grit high-luster polished Smoke Black III lip.  For more information on this wheel set, please email 

Built by: FFTec Motorsports



Style: CM16
Configuration: Targa Series
Front: 20×9
Rear: 20×12.5
Finish Face: 120 grit polished Smoke Black III (matte)
Finish Lip: 600 grit polished Smoke Black III (gloss)
+Hidden Hardware