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BMW i8

With swan-wing doors, a shark-nose grille, and a supercar stance, the i8 plug-in hybrid is a truly revolutionary vehicle. A turbocharged three-cylinder gas engine teams with two electric motors for a combined 357 hp; in fact, the i8 hits 60 mph faster than an M3.

Aside from the Electric Green accents helping to break this car away the norm, this BMW i8 has been outfitted with a set of 21×9 / 21×10.5 Brixton Forged R10D Duo Series 2-piece wheels finished in 120 grit brushed e-Green (gloss clear) accented with PVD Black exposed RAU Titanium hardware. Enjoy!



Style: R10D
Configuration: Duo Series
Front: 21×9
Rear: 21×10.5
Finish Face: Brushed eGreen (gloss clear)
+Lightweight Backpad Pockets
+Titanium Hardware (PVD Black)