Friday Night Lights
LB GT-R / 458

As promised, we have followed last month’s teaser with a full reveal of one of our latest Liberty Walk projects; the next still waiting to be officially revealed late this year before Sema.

In collaboration with Liberty Walk, Wrap Workz, IPE and Novitic, ‘Friday Night Lights’ was an exclusive photo shoot with two incredible machines that took the team on a wild journey from the late hours of Friday night, well into the early hours of Saturday morning ripping through tunnels and overpasses.

Machine #1 – The incredibly loud Novitec tuned Ferrari 458 Italia, sporting a full IPE F1 Titanium exhaust kit / headers and 21×9.5 / 22×12 Brixton Forged CM5 Targa Series finished with a Fine Texture Forged Bronze face and high-gloss Forged Bronze lip.

Machine #2 – The sinister matte black Liberty Walk GT-R equipped with Meisterschaft exhaust, Airlift digital suspension and 20×11 / 20×12.5 Brixton Forged M51 Targa Series finished with a Fine Texture Matte Black face, 120 grit brushed Smoke Black outer lip and brushed Carbon Red inner barrels / hardware.

Photography by: Marcel Lech


Style: M51
Configuration: TARGA Series – Deep Concave
Front: 20×11
Rear: 20×12.5
Finish Face: Fine Texture Firecracker Black
Finish Lip: 120 grit brushed Smoke Black (gloss)
Finish Inner: 120 grit brushed Carbon Red (gloss)
+Lightweight Backpad Pockets
+Exposed Hardware