Black Lamborghini
Aventador SV

BLACK LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR SV: Nothing on Earth can prepare you for the eyeball-melting performance of the legendary Lamborghini Aventador SV LP750-4. The angular design is severe yet elegant; the stealth fighter–like cockpit is as luxurious as it is intense. Nestled behind the cockpit is a short-stroke naturally aspirated V12 linked to a seven-speed ISR gearbox with an electronic all-wheel drive system making an astounding 740 bhp.

A day at Lamborghini Vancouver not only transformed the look of this Aventador SV but it also saved it some weight with a set Brixton Forged PF2 Duo Series 2-piece wheels.Adding to the overall appearance and performance of the SV, the PF2 wheel specs are OEM+ 20×9.0 & 21×13.0 finished in a Polished Classic Bronze (Gloss).

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Style: PF2
Configuration: Duo Series
Front: 20×9.0
Rear: 21×13.0
Finish: Polished Classic Bronze (Gloss)