Black Liberty Walk Ferrari 458

BLACK LIBERTY WALK 458: There is no doubt that the Ferrari 458 Italia is an incredible combination of engineering, design and power. The direct-injection 4.5-liter V-8 whirls to its 9000-rpm redline with a fearsome roar but a throttle so controllable and a torque band so flat that it never runs away on you. The carbon-ceramic brakes—standard on all 458s, as they are on all new Ferraris—respond to minute changes in foot pressure, not a trait always associated with carbon brakes. The suspension, enhanced with magnetorheological shock absorbers, keeps the body flat and calm, even over Fiorano’s various bumps and ripples. The electronic differential and the multilevel stability control can track the car out of corners as if it were stuck down by God’s own wad of gum. Thanks to the car’s finely orchestrated chorus of electronics and solid engineering, a chimpanzee on Vicodin could set a lap record in this car.

Taking this beautiful piece of machinery one step further, MWDesign has equipped this Black Ferrari 458 with a full Liberty Walk Silhouette body kit along with a set of JO01’s finished in Firecracker Black (Satin Clear) featuring Aerotech. There’s no doubt this 458 is a crowd pleaser. Enjoy.

Build by: MWDesign
Photos by: Matt Faminoff


Style: JO01
Configuration: Targa Series
Front: 20×9.5
Rear: 21×13.5
Finish Face: Firecracker Black (Satin Clear)