Black Nissan GTR R35

BLACK NISSAN GTR R35: It makes sense that the 2020 Nissan GT-R is known as Godzilla among enthusiasts, because it’s incredibly powerful and the vehicular equivalent of a dinosaur. While the almighty Nissan hasn’t changed much since it debuted about 10 years ago, it still provides eye-popping acceleration courtesy of a frenetic twin-turbo V-6 and tenacious all-wheel-drive system. Obviously, reaching the car’s limits on public roads is impossible without committing a felony, but the thing is truly exciting to drive whether it’s blasting down a straight or charging into corners. Despite its many otherworldly skills, the 2020 GT-R is an aging monster that is starting to lose ground on modern supercars and the most outrageous example even costs as much.

Wrapped in beefy Toyo Tires R888R’s, these 20×10.0 and 20×12.0 Brixton Forged CM5-R Ultrasport+ wheels are finished with a transparent Brushed Single Tint (Satin). Perfect color combo to complement the matte black R35.


Style: CM5-R
Configuration: Ultrasport+ (1pc)
Front: 20×10.0
Rear: 20×12.0
Finish Face: Brushed Single Tint (Satin)