black polaris slingshot gold wheels brixton forged r10 circuit series 20" gold


To gaze upon the Slingshot for the first time is – for most people anyway – a combination of awe and confusion. Even lawmakers still aren’t sure what to make of this reverse trike that hails from a company normally associated with snowmobiles and ATVs.

But this love child of a motorcycle and a sports car starts to make a lot more sense with closer inspection. With the absence of a roof, doors, and nearly anything else that isn’t essential to the operation of the vehicle, the Slingshot sports a curb weight that makes the Lotus Elise look like a fatty. And while it’s far from being the most pragmatic way to get around, it’s hard to deny the fact that this three wheeler offers one of the most compelling fun-per-dollar propositions currently going.

With a full matte black wrap, this Polaris Slingshot appears to be not only the love child of a motorcycle and a sports car but also the love child of the Batmobile and an F1 car.  It has been outfitted with a set of 19×9 / 20×12 Brixton Forged R10 Circuit Series wheels finished in a matte metallic gold and wrapped a beefy set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports!



Style: R10
Configuration: Circuit Series
Front: 19×9
Rear: 20×12
Finish Face: Classic Gold (matte clear)
Finish Lip: Classic Gold (matte clear)
+Lightweight Backpad Pockets
+Hidden Hardware