Black Porsche
997 Turbo

For over two decades, Porsche has successfully raised the appeal of the 911 Turbo during the latter part of its life-cycle and has created a masterpiece that is arguably the ultimate everyday supercar.

Adding to it’s already stunning appearance, this particular black Porsche 997 Turbo has been outfitted with 20×9 and 20×12 Brixton Forged CM5 Targa Series, finished with Kingsport Grey discs and 120 grit brushed Double Tinted outer lips. Enjoy!

Built by: ReinART Design

Style: CM5
Configuration: TARGA Series – Deep Concave
Front: 20×9
Rear: 20×12
+Lightweight Backpad Pockets
+Exposed – 24K Gold Hardware
+Lightweight Floated Spoke Extensions