Black Porshe
Panamera Turismo GT

BLACK PORSCHE PANAMERA TURISMO GT: Once known solely for selling sports cars, Porsche has since expanded its craft to athletic SUVs, an electric sedan, and even speedy station wagons. The latter is realized by the 2020 Panamera Sport Turismo, which is a longroof version of the regular Panamera. While they both have a useful hatchback and high-powered engine options, the Sport Turismo has more cargo space and more striking looks. Its interior is customizable and elegant, with a satisfying driving position and a back seat that’s definitely bigger than a 911’s. Despite Porsche’s uncanny ability to infuse the majority of its lineup with high-fidelity steering, its wagonoid entry is missing that magic. Still, the 2020 Panamera Sport Turismo is one of the best-driving wagons out there—and one of the most expensive.

As always, stock is never enough. We have outfitted this Panamera Turismo GT with a set of R11-R Duo Series finished in Firecracker Black along with Yellow textfill to complement the enormous big brake kit that comes with the Panamera.


Configuration: Duo Series 
Front: 22×9.5
Rear: 22×11.5
Finish: Firecracker Black (Satin Clear)
+Yellow Color Textfill