Blue BMW F90 M5

BLUE BMW F90 M5: The BMW F90 M5 isn’t a subdued sedan. It’s an endless thrill ride on four wheels. Based on the regular BMW 5-series and amplified by the brand’s M division, this four-door phenom features a twin-turbo V-8 that makes up to 627 horsepower and pushes the M5 to achieve heroic acceleration numbers. Helping in the blitz are its excellent automatic transmission and tenacious all-wheel-drive system, which includes a rear-drive mode for hanging the tail out. While the big-bodied sedan feels less agile than smaller models in BMW’s portfolio of M cars, it has the athleticism and hardware to hold its own on a track. Plus, the 2022 M5’s richly appointed interior will make any trip—be it to the road course or the lake house—enjoyable.

One might ask how do you take this M5 to the next level? Prodrive decided a set of brand new wheels would be a great start. We equipped this blue F90 M5 with 20×10.0 and 20×11.0 CM6-R Targa Series 3-piece wheels finished in Polished Smoke Black (Gloss) faces & Polished Olympic Bronze (Gloss) outer lips.

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Style: CM6-R
Configuration: Targa Series
Front: 20×10.0
Rear: 20×11.0
Finish Face: Polished Smoke Black (Gloss)
Finish Outer Lip: Polished Olympic Bronze (Gloss)