BMW M3 / M4
(F80 / F82)

Below are photo-realistic renderings of different Brixton Forged wheel designs and finishes aimed to help provide BMW F80 M3 and F82 M4 / M4 GTS owners with vehicle design ideas and concepts. Remember, all Brixton Forged wheels are fully custom built-to-order per application and can be made to fit any vehicle in any finish.

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BMW M3 (F80)
Brixton Forged PF5 Duo Series
(2-Piece, Concave Duoblock)
20×9.5 | 20×11.5
Hardware: Full Exposed
Finish: Kingsport Grey

BMW M4 GTS (F82)
Brixton Forged VL05 Circuit+
(3-Piece, Concave, Reverse-lip)
20×9.5 | 21×11.5
Hardware: Hidden
Finish: Acid Orange (Satin Clear)

BMW M3 (F80)
Brixton Forged CM10 Ultrasport+
(1-Piece, Lightweight Monoblock)
20×9.5 | 20×11.5
Finish: Satin Black