To begin you order a 50% production deposit is required. This can be done using your credit card in the next step, or by sending a wire transfer using banking details provided by our sales representatives. If you choose to pay your deposit by another method than Credit Card, select “I AGREE, BUT PAYING DEPOSIT ANOTHER WAY”. If you select “NO” then unfortunately we cannot begin the order.
I AGREE to pay the “PRODUCTION DEPOSIT” and CONFIRM that all information being submitted is correct, this information will be used for your Sales Order, Engineering Production Package and Production Checklist. Changes to the original invoice after the product has passed into production will result in a minimum $250 administrative fee per item + sunk costs.

Please be advised, we do our best to quote accurate estimated completion times for our wheel sets. However, due to the custom, built-to-order nature of Brixton Forged products, timing can sometimes be delayed due to raw material availability, production queues, supply back orders, and final QC inspection. We stand behind our commitment to providing our clients with superior quality products and will not deliver a wheel set that does not meet our quality standards. If timing delays do occur, we will do our best to provide you with an updated estimated delivery date. Please allow approximately 10-12 weeks for production.

Brixton Forged Wheel Co. LTD requires a 50% PRODUCTION DEPOSIT to begin the manufacturing process. By paying the PRODUCTION DEPOSIT the Customer gives Brixton Forged Wheel Co. LTD their approval to manufacture a custom wheel set to the specifications outlined in the attached Invoice. The Customer understands that once their deposit is submitted their order CANNOT be canceled. There are absolutely NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. By paying the PRODUCTION DEPOSIT, the Customer agrees not to initiate credit card disputes or cancel payment(s). The Customer must pay the final balance within 15 days of manufacturing completion notice given by Brixton Forged Wheel Co. LTD. Failure to pay the outstanding balance on the final Invoice within 15 days will result in deposit payment forfeit and the wheel set will become the property of Brixton Forged Wheel Co. LTD.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I can be reached Monday-Friday at +1-888-397-6601 between 9:00am and 5:00pm (Pacific Standard Time).