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Ferrari 458

Maranello finally went ahead and smothered the Ferrari 458 Italia with some very special sauce to create the new Ferrari 458 Speciale. To these cynics, Ferrari’s new 458 Speciale is merely a louder and quicker take on the 458 Italia that has been terrorizing this the world since it was released a few years ago. The 458 Speciale is loaded with improvements that you wouldn’t have thought necessary if you’ve driven the 458 Italia. It shifts faster, turns in quicker, and stops shorter and has some cool tricks that let you better execute and control tail out sideways action.

Add some more horsepower and less weight and this car is a little faster than the original. Best of all, Ferrari has improved on the 458’s sublime chassis with a fresh dose of clever technology and engineering. This car amplifies your skills, strokes your ego, and stimulates your pleasure center, all while possessing limits high enough to humble any driver.

With the owners vision and months of design renditions, we finally ended up with a wheel set that was timeless, contemporary and eventually led to the complete re-design of our CM16 model. With no detail spared, these Ferrari 458 wheels are 21×9.5″ and 22×12.5″ Brixton Forged CM16 Targa Series (regular concave) wheels finished in 120 grit brushed tinted clear with Ferrari’s Nart stripe detailed in the center of the wheel. Enjoy.

Built by: MW Design Teknik
Photos by: The Glass Eye



Style: CM16
Configuration: Targa Series (Regular Concave)
Front: 21×9.5
Rear: 22×12.5
Finish Face: Brushed Single Tint (matte clear)
Finish Lip: Brushed Single Tint (gloss clear)
+Lightweight Backpad Pockets
+Hidden Hardware