• CIRCUIT Series

    VL13 CIRCUIT + Series

    [3 Piece, Concave]

    The Brixton Forged CIRCUIT + Series pays homage to some of the most classic Motorsport configurations seen on historic Le Mans and F1 cars of the past, with a twist. Our designers have taken inspiration from some of the most beautiful geometries seen in classic racing and given them an update. Each wheel face is custom tailored, engineered and designed per application, allowing you to define exactly how much wheel depth or “dish” you’re looking for.

    Each wheel set comes standard with blind bolted, locked assembly studs and weight reduction optimized backpad pockets.


    • Diameters: 18.0” – 22.0”
    • Widths: 6.0” – 16.0”Construction: 3-Piece, Concave
    • Rim Halves: Reverse-lip optional
    • Hardware: HIDDEN
    • Weight Reduction: Pocketing
    • Finish: Custom – (click to view finish options)

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Weight Reduction Backpad Pocketing

Backpad Pocketing is the most effective form of shaving dead weight from a forged wheel. Each set of backpad pockets is specifically engineered per application, maximizing the benefits of reducing unsprung mass which result in better handling, braking and acceleration performance.

Available for: Targa, Targa II, Circuit+, Duo, & Ultrasport+ Series

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Titanium Assembly Hardware

In collaboration with RAU Titanium, our proprietary Grade 5 PVD Titanium assembly hardware shares comparable qualities to high strength Grade 8 steel bolts with a tensile strength of 950 MPa. However, our grade 5 titanium hardware is 50% lighter, reducing each multi-piece wheel by over 1lb. at the critical outermost point on the wheel and is corrosion fade resistant.

Available for: Targa, Targa II, Circuit+ & Duo Series

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Floated Spoke Ends

Available for the 3-Piece Targa Series, suspended spoke ends are optimized per application to reduce overall wheel weight while allowing for a water and debris passage way, increasing ease of maintenance and a reduction of debris build up compared to traditional lip contoured lip spoke legs.

Available for: Targa Series

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Two Piece Center Cap Detail

Our 2-Piece center cap allows for another level of finish customization to each wheel set. The outer aluminum center cap ring can be accented to another finish on the wheel or can be customized to stand out or match a feature on the car.

Available for: Targa, Targa II, Circuit+, Duo, & Ultrasport+ Series

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Aerospace Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum

Locally sourced and forged, our Aerospace Grade 6061-T6 raw aluminum forgings guarantee the highest quality / predicable grain structure and are both TUV and AS9100-C certified. The result is a superior foundation guaranteed to last and a trustworthy component which performs as expected and meets the highest quality standards.

Available for: Targa, Targa II, Circuit+, Duo, & Ultrasport+ Series

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