Brixton GTR Pandem

Tokyo Auto Salon

Early last month, Brixton ForgedSkol Wheels were featured at Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 in collaboration with Brixton Forged Japan. This was our first time displaying at Tokyo Auto Salon and it was an incredibly humbling experience for the team to see our brand being recognized and supported internationally by Japanese car lovers and people from all over the world.

Wanting to start this annual event off with a bang, we featured a Nardo Grey Lamborghini Aventador sporting full polished 21/22 Brixton Forged PF10 Duo Series, and 2 unique Pandem widebody GTR ‘s on the PF10 and PF5 Targa Series.

Special thanks to Advance Eight Tokyo, EC Spec, and Brixton Forged Japan for making this all come together.

Until next year.

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