Orange Audi R8
2018 Gen. 2

ORANGE AUDI R8 GEN. 2 – Audi’s luscious R8 coupe and convertible are beautiful to behold, easy to live with, and simply marvelous to drive—everything you’d want in a sports car. All R8s come with an intoxicating 5.2-liter V-10 engine roaring just aft of the cabin and making either 532 or 602 horsepower. The higher-powered version of the engine propelled an all-wheel-drive R8 coupe from zero to 60 mph in a blistering 2.9 seconds.

An economical choice it is not: Even in this high-powered supercar segment, the R8’s fuel-economy ratings are at the lower end of the scale. One deep prod on the gas pedal, though, and you’ll forget all about the EPA’s ratings. Handling is stable and predictable but not exactly inspired; the R8 is epically fast and effortlessly capable, but its ride is everyday comfortable. The car is unintimidating to drive even through narrow city streets.

Setting a new standard for the Gen 2 Audi R8, this particular one features the new Brixton Forged PF10 Targa Series finished in complimenting Polished Double Tint with Polished Classic Bronze outer lips. For more information, please email / call +1-888-397-6601


Wheel Style: Brixton Forged PF10 Targa Series
Configuration: 3-Piece, Deep Concave, Step-lip
Size: 20×9 | 21×12.5
Finish: Polished Double Tint / Classic Bronze


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