Porsche 991.2 GT3
(Mexico Blue)

PORSCHE 991.2 GT3 (MEXICO BLUE): The true genius of Porsche’s new GT3, the second coming of the model on the 991 platform, is that even a master will never fully exploit it. That’s the trait that defines the GT3, not just among Porsches but among the world’s best drivers’ cars. As a result, it engenders fascination like almost nothing else. No matter how hard it’s pushed, there’s still magic to be discovered in its responses, beauty in its feedback, joy in its abilities. This is a machine whetted on the mill of necessity and unencumbered by frippery. It is noise and feel and heat and speed wrapped into a physically absurd package then distilled beyond what its design merits.

With all of that being said, this Mexico Blue Porsche 991.2 GT3 has set a new benchmark with our lightweight, track-ready 20×9 and 20×12 Brixton Forged PF7 Ultrasport+ forged wheels wrapped in Michelin Cup 2’s. Contrasting the bright Mexico Blue paint, these wheels have been finished in a dark 120 Grit Brushed Smoke Black with a Satin Clear top-coat.

For more information on this wheel set, please email / +1.888.397.6601


Style: PF7
Configuration: Ultrasport+
Front: 20×9.0
Rear: 20×12
Finish Face: Brushed Smoke Black
+Center Lock