Red Liberty Walk Ferrari 308

Here is a car that’s going to make the purists grind their teeth. The thing says Ferrari all over it, prancing horses everywhere you look. You can see six of those noble little Ferrari trademarks right from the driver’s seat and that is without even craning your neck. Walk around the outside, and you’ll see more—front, back and both sides—proclaiming for all the world that this is the latest message to the faithful from El Commendatore.

The Ferrari 308 is already a beauty on it’s own. But being stock is also boring. LTMW has installed a Liberty Walk widebody kit and installed a set of Skol SK21 3-Piece Modular Series in 19×9.5 | 19×10.5 finished in Firecracker Black (Satin).

For more information on this wheel set, please email / call +1.888.397.6601 (Tag: Ferrari, Ferrari 308, Liberty Walk, LTMW)


Style: SK21
Configuration: Circuit+
Front: 19×11.0
Rear: 19×12.5
Finish Face: Firecracker Black (Satin)
Finish Outer Lip: Firecracker Black (Satin)
+ Raised Center Cap