Sema Show 2019

SEMA SHOW 2019: BRIXTON FORGED & SKOL WHEELS – From the infamous creator, Bisimoto, and his E-powered Porsche 935 slammed right in the middle of the Toyo Treadpass to Youtube influencer, Stradman, and his 2020 Pandem widebody Supra sat on a pedestal at the entryway of Central Hall; we could’t have asked for a more positive outcome.

For us, the spotlight was on the uniquely designed Brixton Forged BM01 built for the Bisimoto Porsche 935. This revolutionary race car has been modified to be a full electric track car and take on modern design cues while preserving its traditional image. This Brixton Forged BM01 consists of 8 individual pieces that all came together after undergoing weeks of design renditions, multiple new manufacturing methods, and parts that needed to be created in order to bring our vision to a reality and ACTUALLY be functional.

We will be posting more content from Sema Show 2019 in the coming weeks. Check back!

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