Silver DeLorean

SILVER DELOREAN: The world’s hands-on debut of the DeLorean after years of anticipation did resolve a couple of longstanding concerns. First of all, this is unquestionably the most ambitious attempt at running-before-walking ever seen in the variegated history of the auto industry. The backbone frame is easy but expensive, the molded-plastic body complicated and expensive. The gull-wing doors are currently smack-dab in the middle of a no-man’s land in terms of manufacturing experience: Mercedes-Benz broke the molds after 1400 300SLs, and Malcolm Bricklin went bust squeezing the next couple thousand winged cars out of his Canadian plant. What’s more, the DeLorean is first packed with the power accessories and miles of wiring that go with a luxury ride these days, and only then sealed up in its silver wrapper. To find a more-complex-to-build car, you might try Rolls-Royce, but it crafts only a few thousand units a year and their prices run into six figures.

Taking the DeLorean to new heights,Tim Moceri (@tim_moceri) from Salvage to Savage decided a set of 3-Piece wheels would be a great addition to the widebody originally rendered by the Kyza & brought to life by the team from Salvage to Savage. We equipped this blue BMW M2 with 17×10.5 & 18×10.5 Skol SK17 3-piece wheels finished in Brushed Single Tint (Satin) with a Polished (Gloss) outer lips. Here are some photos from SEMA21 at the Toyo Tires treadpass.

For more information on this wheel set, please email / call +1.888.397.6601 (Tag: Delorean, SEMA, SEMA 2021, Toyo Tires, Treadpass)


Style: SK17
Configuration: 3-Piece Modular Series
Front: 17×10.5
Rear: 18×10.5
Finish Face: Brushed Single Tint (Satin)
Finish Outer Lip: Polished Tint (Gloss)