Silver Porsche GT3RS

SILVER PORSCHE GT3RS: First off, GT3 RS shopper, the ride quality is civil enough so as to not disturb your significant other when you volunteer to drive to dinner, although pulling 1.24 g’s in a corner may permanently rearrange their opinion of you. Pretty much the only rubber in the chassis is the tires (optional Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Rs; $3737 at Tire Rack), as the softer suspension connections that help isolate and coddle lesser 911s have been replaced by ball joints to cinch up the RS’s responses. The result is a little harsher ride, but leave the adaptive dampers in their softest setting and they’ll keep your head and body fat from jiggling excessively. Is it too much for commuting? No, it’s fine. Drive it to the office; just be sure to remember to hit the button for the optional ($3490) nose-lift feature to keep the front air dam from scraping on sloping driveways.

Adding onto the Porsche GT3RS’ charm, Blue Chip Fleet has installed a set of lightweight forged monoblock wheels on the 3RS. The wheel of choice is the 20×9.0 | 21×12.5 CM5-R Ultrasport+ finished in Firecracker Black (Fine Texture). The fine texture finish pairs well with the sleek silver GT3RS. Enjoy.

For more information on this wheel set, please email / call +1.888.397.6601 (Tag: Porsche, Porsche GT3RS, 991, Porsche Moment, Porsche 911)


Style: CM5-R
Configuration: Ultrasport+
Front: 20×9.0
Rear: 21×12.5
Finish Face: Firecracker Black (Fine Texture)
+ OEM Center Lock Groove