RWB Porsche 964

In the heart of Chiba, Japan lies a shop completely unbeknownst to the untold eye. Operating as the workplace, and often, sleeping quarters of RWB founder, Akira Nakai, its downtrodden exterior blends seamlessly with the environment around it. Hiding the automotive beauty and genius within, from the outside, it is a literal example of the owner’s motto, “Rough World”,

The list of automotive legends is brief, but its in this place that Nakai-san developed a concept that would put him amongst some of the greatest builders that the world will ever see. Fast-forwarding many years later, Nakai-san made his way to ReinART Design, RWB’s 12th and newest shop, to build Hong Kong’s first RWB Porsche 964. Appropriately named after the factory mint green paint reminiscent of Tiffany & Co., this 1990 Carrera 2 964, or “Tiffany,” is the first of many RWB builds in Hong Kong.

“We only have one life. I believe this is a great experience and I don’t want to put it to waste. That is why I will do this until the end”.

Tiffany went on to making cover feature of PASMAG’s 2015 Style issue.

Photography by: Linus Lam


Style: CM16
Configuration: CIRCUIT Series
Front: 18×10.5
Rear: 18×13.5
Finish Face: Firecracker Black (matte)
Finish Lip: 120 grit brushed Rose Gold (gloss clear)
+Lightweight Backpad Pockets
+Exposed Hardware