Ultraviolet Purple
RWB Porsche 993

Ultraviolet Purple RWB PORSCHE 993 “Poison”: The latest addition to the RWB family and the beginning of a new Brixton Forged Classic wheel line. Introducing Brixton Forged HS1 Circuit+

After a lengthy week in Hong Kong’s Hoplite Industrial Center, Nakai-san is officially finished with the latest RWB HK Porsche 993. We are honored to be a part of automotive history in Hong Kong with our third RWB project in collaboration with ReinART Design and are excited to kick off the first of the Brixton Forged Classic line with the limited edition 18″ HS1’s.

With that being said, here is a sneak peek of the latest from RWB HK.

High-resolution / Built by: RWB Hong Kong 


Style: HS1 Circuit+
Front: 18×10.5
Rear: 18×13
Finish: 120 grit brushed clear / Purple Inner