White BMW
E92 M3

Making a car stand out in a pack of modified vehicles is often a result of innovative design, engineering, color selection and execution. A project doesn’t necessarily need to be loud to be appreciated and this M3 is no exception.

While our Engineers and Designers collaborated, they achieved not only a perfect fit but also the balance between aesthetics and performance. In the end, this E92 M3 was outfitted with our CM7 Circuit Series forged wheels in 20” x 9.5” (fronts) and 20” x 11” (rears). What truly set the entire package off was our Brushed Smoke Black 3.0” and 3.5” rim halves complementing our signature Matte Firecracker Black centers and accented Gloss Black exposed hardware.

Photography by: Jason Manchester


Style: CM7
Configuration: CIRCUIT Series
Front: 20×9.5
Rear: 20×11
Finish Face: Firecracker Black (matte)
Finish Lip: 600 grit polished Smoke Black (gloss clear)
+Lightweight Backpad Pockets
+Exposed Hardware