white porsche 991 c2s on 21" brixton forged r10d targa series 3-piece concave forged wheels

991 911

Major evolution’s of Porsche’s most famous model don’t come along that often which makes the latest Porsche 991 911 a big deal. Particularly given how Porsche has made some major changes: it’s longer, wider, smoother, more like a Panamera inside, there’s even a raft of enviro-friendly features designed to eke out extra economy. Taking this car one step further into the modified realm, the owner has began with mods ranging from a full titanium exhaust kit to adjustable suspension and 3-piece forged wheels.

Paired with this already stunning 991 are 21″x9″ and 21″x11.5″ Brixton Forged R10D Targa Series finished with a 120 grit brushed Olympic Bronze face and 600 grit polished Classic Bronze outer lips. Sales inquiries please contact sales@brixtonforged.com 



Style: R10D
Configuration: Targa Series
Front: 21×9
Rear: 21×11.5
Finish Face: 120 grit brushed Olympic Bronze (matte clear)
Finish Lip: 600 grit polished Classic Bronze (gloss clear)
+Lightweight Backpad Pockets
+Carbon Red Center Cap Ring