Forged Bronze

Our Forged Bronze is a solid opaque, high durability, powder coat that is available in finish variations of gloss clear, satin clear, and a fine texture metallic. This finish is a standard Brixton Forged™ finish option.

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Forged Bronze (Satin Clear)

Our Satin Forged Bronze is a mid-dark, smooth bronze coating. This color is a polyester solid tone powder coat and has a matte / semi-gloss finish. The result is a finish that helps to define the lines of the wheel and fits with any car color.

Forged Bronze (Gloss Clear)

Our gloss Forged Bronze was developed to have an incredibly deep, glass like finish with amazing flow out, yielding the highest gloss, true metallic bronze finish available in a powder coating. This coating is a polyester solid tone with a high-gloss wet looking finish.

brixton-forged-pf7-rs-bronze-7-12-22 (10)
Forged Bronze (Fine Texture)

Our Textured Forged Bronze is a medium warm bronze coating with a fine textured appearance. This modern looking color is a polyester solid tone powder coat that has a subtle metallic look when in direct sunlight but appears dark satin in the shade or at night.

brixton-forged-pf10-rs-monoblock-7-6-22 (12)


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