Bisi Ezerioha was born and raised in Nigeria, went to university in California, has spent 20 years drag racing, and worked in pharmaceutical research before turning to automotive tuning with Bisimoto. His shop’s creations combine just as many threads as his background. Among just the Porsche builds, there’s been a 911 with a Hyundai V6 engine swap, a 500-horsepower Boxster with a central seating position, and Bisi’s personal “Blue Bomber” 1976 911 Carrera with a twin-turbo 3.4-liter flat-six from a 996-series putting out 820 horsepower at the wheels. The latest build crowns the list. Set on a classic Carrera, it has a Kremer 935 K3 body kit made in the original molds. Kremer, for any who don’t know, was a German company that built customer versions of the Porsche 935 “Moby Dick” racer starting in the mid-1970s, and a Kemer K3 won Le Mans outright in 1979. The tuner calls his effort the Bisimoto Porsche 935 K3V.

The livery in Slate Gray and liquid pink was drawn up by Andy Blackmore Designs, channeling the Gozzy Racing Porsches of the 1980s. The 935 K3V has working headlights and taillights, the front lenses accentuated with crescent-shaped LED DRLs. The charge port sits under what looks like the fuel filler cap front and center of the hood.

Inside, a full roll cage and a shifter set in a machined housing deliver the racy vibes of the original 935. An AEM display shows a simplified set of gauges, or a full-screen readout of everything happening in the powertrain.

The showpiece sits in back. Out went the flat-six behind the rear axle, in went a three-phase electric motor with 637 horsepower, slightly down on the 700-hp, GT2 RS-based, limited-edition 935 tributes Porsche introduced last year. Power comes from 12 LG Chem cells, six in front and six in back, with a combined 32-kWh capacity. Even though the 935 K3V weighs a mere 2,681 pounds, range is probably suitable for coffee shop and car show runs, but drivers will have a blast getting to and from.

Now this is where we come in. We were approached by Bisimoto to create a wheel set that would accent the Kremer Porsche 935 and its nostalgic presence all while adding a modern race feel. After multiple design renditions and weeks of collaborative efforts, we ended up with the Brixton Forged BM01. Summed up, this is an 8-piece wheel consisting of 3D printed sections, PCD covers, custom milled center lock race caps, and an accenting aero rings. Together, this project allowed our team to push the limits of traditional wheel design, create something truly unique, and test the boundaries of our production capabilities.

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  • VehicleBisimoto Kremer Porsche 935
  • Wheel Style / Config.Brixton Forged BM01 Circuit+
  • Wheel FinishFirecracker Black / Paddock Pink
  • Wheel SizeFront: 17" / Rear: 19"

Tags: Porsche 935, Bisimoto, Kremer, Porsche Kremer, BM01



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