Brixton Forged TR20 Circuit+

Brixton Forged – Turbo Fan Wheels: Milled from the highest quality, TUV rated, forged 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum, the Brixton Forged TR Series pays homage to the era when custom wheels began, these lightweight, aerospace grade forged 1-piece Monoblock and 3-piece classic designs evoke memories of retro designed wheels with a modern feel. Fast forwarding, our wheels are engineered and designed to today’s much higher production standards and given a contemporary touch so that they complement sports cars new and old.

Bisimoto engineering, a California based company dedicated to building fantastic Porsche models, has unveiled its latest project — the so-called Moby X. Designed in collaboration with ACRONYM Co-founder, Errolson Hugh, and concept design artist, Khyzyl Saleem, this concept car is 100% electric and inspired on the famous Porsche 935 “Moby Dick” of the late 70s. This particular turbo fan wheel set was created specifically for this incredibly unique Bisimoto Porsche 935 Moby project. Initially working alongside Bisimoto, we created the Brixton Forged TR20 Circuit+ setup for this build in 2022. Fast-forwarding, we have created and added a clear orange acrylic turbo fan to the front wheels which was displayed at Sema Show 2023 Las Vegas in November.

For more information on this wheel set, please email / call +1.888.397.6601

  • Wheel Style / Config.Brixton Forged TR20 Circuit+
  • Face Finish: Brushed Gloss Clear / Polished Lip / Orange Turbo Fan
  • Construction3-Piece Classic Profile

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