We never thought we’d see the day when a Ferrari SUV became a reality, but in the wake of many successful high-dollar, high-performance sport-utes the company has finally caved to unrelenting marketplace pressure and produced 2024 Purosangue. An SUV with Ferrari’s prancing horse badge on the grille won’t ruin the brand, though. After all, successful iterations of the concept have served sports-car brands such as Porsche and Lamborghini quite well. It’s not only ultra-performance utes like the Cayenne Turbo or the Urus that the Purosangue will have in its crosshairs but also ultra-luxury models such as the Bentley Bentayga and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. A thundering V-12 engine is the only powertrain offered—why would it need anything else? The engineers have also buttressed the ‘Sangue’s ride-and-handling with a trick active suspension system to help it drive as a Ferrari should. Expect to need a hedge-fund manager’s salary to afford it, of course; prices start just over $400,000 including the compulsory gas-guzzler tax.

Accenting this stunning Grey Ferrari Purosangue, it has been equipped with the new Brixton Forged PF14 RS finished in Firecracker Black with yellow accents. The RS-Series is a fusion of motorsport, engineering, and design all in one package. The series is a response to the question “What would we get if we utilized topological optimization, traditional FEA, and our own passion for design?”. Our team dug into our CAD library and pulled out some of our top selling designs and applied the same formula, optimize + test + refine. The goal was to ultimately shave weight, and design structurally optimized forged wheels with flawless surface transitions that is as artistic as it is technical. The result has been a series of wheels that follow the Brixton Forged ethos design leadership, ingenuity, and quality.

For more information on this wheel set, please email sales@brixtonforged.com / +1.888.397.6601

  • VehicleGrey Ferrari Purosangue
  • Wheel Style / Config.Brixton Forged PF14 RS (1-Piece Monoblock)
  • Wheel FinishFirecracker Black / Yellow Accents
  • Wheel SizeFront: 23" / Rear: 23"

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