The E46 M3 combined many of the best qualities of the two M3s that came before it, effectively silencing any complaints that BMW’s M division had grown complacent. Unlike the E36 it replaced, the E46 M3 was carefully differentiated from its lesser brethren. Mechanically, this meant that countless suspension and body components—everything from control arms and subframes to damper anchor points—were strengthened, stiffened, or relocated in the search for speed and durability.

Under the E46’s domed aluminum hood, BMW again installed a 3.2-liter inline-six, this version being an evolution of the more expensive engine that powered European E36s. It spat out 333 hp and a coarse metallic rasp, leaping for its 7900-rpm redline like a machine possessed. This should be more than enough to satisfy enthusiasts who are concerned about the E46’s 3450-pound curb weight.

Setting a new standard for the M3, this BMW M3 features our 20″ Skol Forged SK13 3-piece wheels finished in Brushed Triple Tint (Gloss). For more information, please email sales@Skolwheels.com / call +1-888-397-6601

  • VehicleGrey BMW E46 M3
  • Wheel Style / Config.Skol Forged SK13 3-Piece
  • Wheel FinishBrushed Triple Tint (Gloss)
  • Wheel SizeFront: 20" / Rear: 20"

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