Astonishment has always been what a Lamborghini does best. Lambos drop jaws, dilate pupils, inspire goosebumps, and knock frontal lobes back into the parietal lobes. They are impractical, intemperate, impossible to see out of, and get stupid hot inside, but, damn, look at and listen to them. Now here is the new 2019 Urus, the first Lamborghini that does none of those things.

It’s the counter-Countach. A crossover.

Purely as a business proposition, the Urus was unavoidable. The market is obsessed with SUVs, and ignoring that and the profits that go with it is a formula for permanent market marginalization. Lamborghini needs a crossover to anchor its cash flow, stabilize sales, and recruit new customers who may want an Aventador or a Huracán but who need a vehicle that functions as a daily driver. If Lamborghini sells the 3500-plus Uruses it intends to annually, that effectively doubles the company’s sales.

The Urus is the first V-8–powered Lambo since the Jalpa left production in 1988. But while the Jalpa’s 255-hp 3.5-liter V-8 was an independent Lamborghini design, the Urus is a product of the Volkswagen Group and leverages the assets of the massive corporation. So the Urus’s engine is a 641-hp version of the twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 used in high-end Audis, some Bentleys, and the Porsche Panamera. Lamborghini vaguely claims that demon tweaks including specific cylinder heads have been applied, but the V-8 is assembled at a Volkswagen plant in Hungary and shipped to Lamborghini as a complete unit.

With all of that being said, now lets move on to the aftermarket modification side of things. The Lamborghini Urus is a great platform for customization in many different aspects; wheels being among the first item to be swapped out based on overall aesthetic. With this particular Urus, the owner in Vancouver, Canada chose the Brixton Forged PF10 Targa Series in Lunar White (Satin Clear).

For more information on this wheel set, please email sales@brixtonforged.com / +1.888.397.6601

  • VehiclePurple Lamborghini Urus
  • Wheel Style / Config.Brixton Forged PF10 Targa Series
  • Wheel FinishLunar White (Satin Clear)
  • Wheel SizeFront: 23" / Rear: 23"

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