Silver Porsche 992 Turbo S

SILVER PORSCHE 992 TURBO S: After driving the latest 911 generation with a manual transmission, you can count us as part of that 20 percent. The three-pedal 911 launched about a year after the first of the new 911s hit (the 992 generation), and we finally have our hands on one: the 443-hp 911 Carrera S. The seven-speed stick is a transaxle that Porsche, with the help of trans-supplier ZF, converted from dual-clutch auto to manual in part with a crafty mechanism called MECOSA. That acronym stands for mechanically converted shift actuator, and it makes the dual-clutch hardware work with a conventional shift pattern.

Adding to the overall appearance and performance of this 992 Turbo S, the team over at PFAFF Tuning fit a set of 20×9.0 | 21×12.5 Brixton Forged CM6-R Ultrasport+ finished in Brushed Triple Tint (Gloss). The 992’s are an absolute treat to look at! Enjoy.

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Style: CM6-R
Configuration: Ultrasport+
Front: 20×9.0
Rear: 21×12.5
Finish: Brushed Triple Tint (Gloss)