White Liberty Walk 997

WHITE LIBERTY WALK 997: The Turbo uses the body of the 997 Carrera 4, which has wider front and rear fenders—1.7 inches overall. From the front, it looks a little like the Carrera GT, but most bystanders will still see a 911.

Detail changes include a unique front spoiler and a rear one that’s a two-stage affair, as it is with the 996 Turbo. New lower rear bodywork matches the special Turbo exhaust pipes. The drag coefficient is 0.31, and the Turbo body generates virtually no lift in front and a little downforce in the rear when the spoiler is extended.

Taking the Porsche 997 to the next level, Keith from Import Hookup has pieced together the elegant, yet aggressive Liberty Walk kit on this 997. And to top it all off, it has been equipped with 20×10. | 20×12.5 Brixton Forged PF7 Targa Series finished in Polished Double Tint (Satin) faces and Polished Double Tint (Gloss) outer lips.

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Wheel Style: PF7
Configuration: Targa Sereis (3-Piece)
Size: 20×10.0 | 20×12.5
– Face: Polished Double Tint (Satin)
– Outer Lip: Polished Double Tint (Gloss)
– Inner Rim: Firecracker Black (Satin)

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