Brixton Forged PF13 R / RS ™

The RS-Series is a fusion of motorsport, engineering, and design all in one package. The series is a response to the question “What would we get if we utilized topological optimization, traditional FEA, and our own passion for design?”. Our team dug into our CAD library and pulled out some of our top selling designs and applied the same formula, optimize + test + refine. The goal was to ultimately shave weight, and design a structurally optimized wheel with flawless surface transitions that is as artistic as it is technical. The result has been a series of wheels that follow the Brixton Forged ethos design leadership, ingenuity, and quality.

  • PRODUCTBrixton Forged™ 1-Piece Monoblock (Highest strength-to-weight ratio)
  • CENTER LOCK Center lock & 5-Lug Options Available
  • MATERIAL6061-T6 Aerospace Grade Forged Aluminum
  • TESTINGTested to vehicle specific load rating. Meets TÜV / SAE / JWL / VIA standards
  • COMPATIBILITY OE TPMS Compatible. All wheels Built with Conical Lug Seat
  • DIAMETERS Available in 18″ | 19″ | 20″ | 21″ | 22″ | 23″ | 24" (Various widths)
  • FINISH OPTIONSCustom finish options available. See finish page
  • WARRANTYLifetime Structural Warranty and 2 Year Finish Warranty
brixton forged pf13 r

Brixton Forged PF13 R™

(Standard 5-Lug PCD)
1-Piece Lightweight Monoblock
18″ | 19″ | 20″ | 21″ | 22″| 23″ | 24″

Click to view all finish options below:


Brixton Forged PF13 RS™

(Standard 5-Lug PCD)
1-Piece Lightweight Monoblock
18″ | 19″ | 20″ | 21″ | 22″| 23″ | 24″

Click to view all finish options below:


Brixton Forged PF13 RS™

1-Piece Lightweight Monoblock
18″ | 19″ | 20″ | 21″ | 22″| 23″ | 24″

Click to view all finish options below:

Finishing Options

With over 6000+ powder-coat and Cerakote options to choose from, we have hand selected our proprietary solid opaque, textured, and premium transparent clear options, which are available throughout our forged wheel collections. To view the full list of finish options, please the button below. For custom finishes, please contact our sales team via the contact page.

Product Specifications
  • 1-Piece Lightweight Monoblock
  • Available in: 18" | 19" | 20" | 21" | 22" | 23" | 24"
  • Built-to-Order Per Application / Custom CNC Machined
  • Profile: Mid & Deep-Concave (Application Dependent)
  • 6061-T6 Aerospace Grade Forged Aluminum Face for High Strength-to-Weight Ratio
  • Standard Backpad Pocketing & Water Channeling
  • Minimize Unsprung Mass / Rotational Inertia for Maximum Performance and Handling
  • OEM TPMS Compatible
  • Lifetime Structural Production Warranty & 2-Year Finish Warranty
  • Center-Lock Options Available

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Center Cap Options: Standard 5-Lug PCD

Brixton Forged™ original center-cap options are used for all standard 5 and 6-lug PCD vehicle applications. Choose from Satin Piano Black, Classic Twill Carbon, or Forged Gloss Carbon.

Note: Does not fit any PCD lower than 100mm. OEM center cap adapters may be required. Additional costs apply.

Center Cap Options: Center-Lock

Like all of our forged wheel line, the Brixton Forged TR-Series is available in center-lock based on vehicle compatibility. OEM Porsche & Lamborghini center-lock badge replacement options available for all CL vehicle applications.

Choose from Standard Weaved Carbon or Forged Carbon.

Color Text & Groove Fill Options

Add brand logo color fill options to your wheel set. Available in black, grey, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Please note, available placements are specific to each wheel design*  – See color options below: 

Titanium Bolt Options: Grade 6AL4V

The Brixton Forged 20-piece Titanium Lug Bolt set is specified as a M14x1.5 thread with a 60 degree “cone seat” also known a a conical or acorn seat. These lug bolts have a 28mm shank length, measured from the base of the ball cup to the end of the threads. Manufactured from aerospace grade 6AL4V Titanium, these titanium lug bolts will not corrode or rust and offer a significant weight savings over steel lug bolts while giving a very sporty and aggressive look. Titanium is 50% lighter than steel, yet considerably stronger. Titanium is also resistant to the constant heating and cooling cycles common to high performance wheels that otherwise destroy steel studs and bolts. Rolled threads for superior fatigue resistance. These lug bolts have a TORX 70 head which weighs 4 grams less than the hex head.

What makes our Design Concept unique?

You can’t buy good taste or engineer style in a lab. True class is like true love, you know it when you see it. The next time you look at a Brixton Forged wheel, you’ll know exactly what we mean.

Perhaps it’s the extensive research and development we do, or our deep understanding of automotive styling and how the latest materials perform at the limit. Maybe it’s our tireless pursuit of weight savings and strength gains. Or maybe, it’s our willingness to rip up the rulebook and redefine what a wheel can be. It’s always respecting what’s gone before, but more importantly, it has to predict what’s yet to come. It has to capture the imagination as it sets the stage for the future of design. Every wheel we make is an engineering marvel, but it’s also a work of art. Part science, part magic, all racing spirit.


Shop Brixton Forged™ Merchandise

Made right here in Los Angeles, premium heavyweight Brixton Forged™ Pullovers, Tees, Jackets, Hats & more. Produced and made with love in California. Shop from our new Brixton Forged™ collection which utilizes the highest quality hand-made garments and 5 panel hats. Keep an eye out for rotating collectables, including prints and stationaries.


Brixton Forged™ T304 Exhaust: Direct Bolt-On Fitment

Brixton Forged™ exhaust kits are made locally in California from the highest quality T304 Stainless Steel. Each system features Argon-back-purged TIG welded seams and premium Cerakote thermal finish to reduce radiated heat and provide the highest protection against corrosion and discoloration. T304 Stainless Steel is a more suitable and reliable material over titanium. While titanium systems are generally lighter, they tend to produce more heat throughout the heat-cycle and are prone to developing stress cracks.

Leveraging the expertise and capabilities of our partners, we utilize the latest 3D scanning, CAD designing, rapid prototyping, CNC machining, and 3D printing technologies to reverse engineer and find the right design and manufacturing solutions for our exhaust line. Every Brixton Forged™ exhaust kit begins with a comprehensive 3D scan of the vehicle, utilizing state-of-the-art 3D laser scanners to ensure optimal fitment.




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